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Why Choose The SyberWorks Online Training Solution?

SyberWorks Training Center helps you manage, measure, and improve all your training activities more efficiently and effectively than ever before. With this system, you can increase training ROI while decreasing time spent on administrative tasks. SyberWorks Training Center offers the following additional benefits:

Who Benefits?

Learners:  SyberWorks delivers personalized online learning content based on the student’s real-time interaction with the content. This ensures that the learning experience focuses on the student’s needs. As a result, knowledge retention is greatly enhanced and the student is compelled to come back for more. Learners can also see how specific learning events lead directly to skills that advance their careers.

Content Developers:  SyberWorks Web Author allows rapid and easy development, re-purposing, and re-use of learning objects and courseware for online delivery. This ease of authoring combined with powerful and easy-to-use templates and navigation generation means that a user can publish online learning activities within just minutes of installing the SyberWorks software.

Managers: SyberWorks Training Center stores detailed data associated with a specific learner’s interaction with that content, including responses to individual assessment questions, number of attempts for each assessment question, detailed survey responses, detailed reports, and many other pieces of data that are summarized for organizational decision making and the management of the organization's human capital and skill sets.

SyberWorks ... Your Answer!

SyberWorks provides a learning environment that engages the learner and allows them access to relevant career planning information. This means more participation, more enthusiasm, and ultimately, greater learning success. And isn't that what it's all about?

For more information about SyberWorks Training Center, please phone us at 781-891-1999, send email to info@syberworks.com, or fax us at 781-891-1994.

SyberWorks, Inc.
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Waltham, MA 02452

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